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Ok so you are here at this very moment on this page because you want to know what this website is all about. Am I right or Am I right? Well even if you aren’t I believe everything happens for a reason and you were directed here because you needed to hear what I have to say so I’m going to tell you anyway.

Welcome to, a website dedicated to help individuals achieve the best version of themselves. Ok so here’s the deal for a long time I was living life just going through the motions I had everything I needed (not wanted but necessities) and I was ok living that comfortable mediocre life. At 20 I started realising that if I wanted to live the kind of life I wanted to live that I was going to need to start making changes. For the first time in my life I was in an environment where it was really competitive for me and not only that with all the competition everyone was helping each other. This was my experience at Oakwood University, with students in my department (the Biology Department) all trying to get into professional and graduate programs, I was on the road to becoming a medical doctor  as well. Which was no easy task, but I noticed:
1. How dedicated they were to their work.

2. The relationship that most had with God was strongly intertwined with what they were doing.

3. How eager they all were to help each other to succeed.

This was truly a game-changer for me and initiated some new perspectives in my mind that have been growing to this day.
From that point on I knew that if I wanted to do what I wanted, to have what I wanted, and be who I wanted to be, then at least those 3 things I would have to adapt and integrate into my life.
All of this probably would not have happened had I not opened myself up more to people and come out of my shell. Something to think about! Yeah if you are a loner like I was then I’m going to need you to break out of that shell.
As things progressed I was briefly introduced to Eric Thomas. I heard the name from my Organic Chemistry teacher and he told us a little about what he does and then encouraged us to get his book Secrets To Success and read it. Let me tell you, you gotta read it.

Let’s Backtrack A Bit
I grew up always thinking for as long as I could remember that I would be a Doctor, it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to be, although I’ve entertained the thought of following in my dad’s footsteps and becoming a pastor, but I’ve never felt that definite call saying this is what you must do so I stuck with what I loved. The thing is becoming a physician is no walk in the park to even become just a marginal physician you are already leaps and bounds above what others were willing to do. I wasn’t even doing the minimum. I was a naturally gifted kid with a pretty good memory so primary school up to high school was EASY like you don’t understand, I gave minimal effort and still got all A’s just about every year. So I was satisfied with a mediocre life and effort.
Life and college are nothing like high school and to be frank I was playing with my life, with my GPA with my dreams, with my destiny. I didn’t even understand that I wanted something for nothing, I wanted the books to just put the information necessary in my head, and then on top of that I wanted it to teach me how to apply that information. I’m going to be real with you how I had to be real with myself. That’s laziness and if I kept on that path I would not be where I am today instead I would end up doing something I never wanted to do with a miserable and marginal life. The first 3 years of my college experience I was an average student I couldn’t crack the 3 point mark in my GPA to save my life because I was playing, I was clowning with my life. If you keep that kind of attitude you’re going to be broke, and your children will be broke and their children will be BROKE. You start a generational cycle. You can’t help yourself and you can’t help anybody else. My degree takes 4 years, It took me 4 and a half years including summers to get it. It took me an extra semester to get my GPA to 3.08 which took me to 5 years total to graduate.

The Sparks of Awareness along the way
Spark 1

In the summer of 2008 I had to resit a course I had failed General Chemistry I with a C- that summer I took two courses. Because the summer session was so compact you had the same class everyday you were forced to study & review everyday to keep up. That summer I discovered personally a secret that wasn’t so secret. I stayed on top of my work and didn’t play around. I got a 3.48 GPA. That showed me that I wasn’t average or stupid. But I still wasn’t willing to sacrifice my time now for my future tomorrow. 
My grades steadily improved until I graduated with 3.08 after starting with a 2.69.

Spark 2

My experience at Oakwood University, a wonderful place by the way in Huntsville, Alabama I’ve mentioned already was invaluable in raising my level of awareness about what my purpose in life was. Being around those people who were able to influence me in a positive way because they were going after similar goals and I was able to feed off of that and stop making excuses. It is there where I first learned how to study and how to apply myself. Sometimes we are only a relationship away from a shift in the right direction

Spark 3 

Once I had entered Medical School in the fall of 2012. I honestly still was taking it pretty easy. We were initially spoon-fed, but the second half of the semester transitioned into true self-learning. Information was coming at you like trying to drink from a fire hydrant for 5 weeks straight. I slowly became more and more disciplined.
One day I was talking to a classmate of mine Stephen and he knew more about Eric Thomas than me, but he mentioned the Guru story, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe”, narrated by ET. Because ET was in HSV where I went to school he was asking me if I knew about him and that evening I went and looked him up and ever since I’ve been watching TGIM’s every Monday. He has literally changed my life helped me to realise that I can do even more than I thought.


From these life changing experiences, I decided I wanted to do something I’ve always loved to do and that is to help people. This time I wanted to make an impact on the world. From listening to ET my entire mindset and outlook on life has changed . It unlocked my mind to the things that I had learnt all my life, but instead never paid any attention to. I realized that I was put on this earth to do something great, that I had a talent that no one else had and I was to share that gift with the world. And that was my purpose. If I was to be successful I had to want it bad I had to, want it as bad as I want to breathe. I had to discover my reason for doing what I was going to do, my WHY.

When I unlocked my purpose I discovered my reason for being on this earth was to help people, but specifically, help them to realize and unearth the best version of themselves. You can only do this when you’ve developed an awareness about yourself allowing you to self-assess and pivot.

So I’ve been able to develop Success Awareness, Wealth Awareness, Health Awareness, Academic Achievement Awareness, Productivity Awareness, Faith Awareness. And here at this website whether it’s a blog post, a video, a product I release, I want for you to be able to raise your level of self-awareness on things that are good and will bring good positive vibes into your life. Until you move from a point of being average to good to great to PHENOMENAL. That’s what this ministry is all about. I want to help you to raise your level of awareness so that you will have, do and be anything you want in life.

I don’t believe that there is any human alive that has reached their best yet. That comes from making conscious decisions moment by moment. 
As I share with you the readers of my blog it is my belief and desire to help you cut down your learning curve so that you don’t have to start from scratch. I want to help you be more efficient. If my development to a awareness mindset has been for nothing else I want it to be for the purpose of helping you get to where I am now from a mindset standpoint and to keep growing every day. 
Here at The Motivation Doc, we develop game changers, difference makers, milestone reachers, legacy builders. I want to help you tap into that.

So Who is Paul Scavella II, the guy behind the Cool Blog??
Well since you asked.
Hi I’m Paul I’m from the Bahamas. My formative years where my character would have been built were spent in Grand Bahama, it’s a really nice place I hope to move back there one day once the conditions are right. At the age of 12 I moved to New Providence and then at 15 I went to Jamaica for college. After Graduating with a B.Sc. in Biology I had the dream of going to med school, but that didn’t happen so I went to Oakwood University for one year to do some upper level courses. It was all in God’s plan you see as it took me 6 years to get in, but I never gave up and God had some lessons for me to learn along the way and some people I needed to meet.
I am currently a 2nd year resident in General Surgery at the University of the West Indies. 
That’s me, in a nutshell, want to know anything else you can connect with me here: