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There is something within us, something that we were all born with. Everything we will ever need is within. All our talents, gifts and abilities it’s there within. All the things we’ve been called to do, born to do. Like for real everything about you is meant to be great. From the very process of you being conceived is Phenomenal. There are options anywhere from 30 to 150 million different options and that’s on the narrow end of the spectrum. You were handpicked by God himself. Then there is the whole developmental process everything about it, I can’t say this enough, it is just Phenomenal so many things could have gone wrong, but they went right, you are here and you are Phenomenal. So what is the problem you are having? Why aren’t achieving greatness? Why don’t you have the things you’ve hoped for? Why aren’t you doing as well as you’d like in school, in your career, in your relationships? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

Over the last 2 – 3 years and more so in the last year I have been influenced by so many great people many of them unknown to me and some who are. These people the likes of Leslie Samuel, Eric Thomas, Yaro Starak, My Parents and so many others have made a truly tremendous mark on my life. My eyes have been opened to what can be and what should be. I was made to be great, I was made to be successful and without a doubt in my mind I know each of you were too it’s just for you to bridge the gap between the version of you that exists now and the phenomenal you.

So the problem is that you have made a very intentional decision to be average. Yeah, you say you didn’t, but by virtue of your conscious decision to not be great you did you chose consciously to be average. Like I said before within your own self are all the things you need to be great everything you need is there, but you chose to be average. You are average in school or went to an average school, average at work, average in sports, whatever it is you are doing and decided to go against who you are. And I get it’s easy to be average the majority of people are doing it.

Greatness is within you. That’s why you read about Steve Jobs, or watch the Peyton Manning‘s, the Tom Brady’s in the Super Bowl, or LeBron and Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals. That’s why you listen to Barack Obama and his “Yes I Can” speech resonates with you. There is something within you that is attracted to that greatness because there is greatness within each and everyone of us. So that’s why you watch and idolize these people because it’s easier for you to watch them reach it than it is for you go out and get your own. It’s easier than putting in the effort, the sweat, the blood, the tears, the sleepless nights. Some days it’s gonna require you to go multiple days without sleep for you to achieve your true greatness. You feel your greatness stirring up inside of you when you idolize these so-called Icons of our generation and generations past. When you see these persons achieve greatness you hurt deep down inside because you know that it should be you doing the same thing.

So I get it, I understand why you are having a problem with achieving your greatness, why you are still this version of you and not the great version. I’m telling you can achieve your greatness. Like for real for real, I’m just keeping it 100 you’ve got to bridge the gap. You’ve got to make the decision to step into your greatness and how are going to do that? I can tell you there are going to changes that need to be made. You are going to go through some rough times, you’ll have to put in the time, the energy, the EFFORT. You might have to work on the weekend. You might have to wake up a little earlier than you would like to. You are going to have to discipline yourself, make some sacrifices, you will have to go through some pain. But at the end of the gap, oh I’m excited to tell you this, at the end of the gap is a better you a Great you, a Phenomenal you. A person who will change the lives of everyone they come in contact with. I challenge you to step into your greatness to make a conscious, a VERY intentional decision to be the great you, you were meant to be. 

You were made to be Great!

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